Paprika by Satoshi Kon
Rating: Paprika
A - Amazing. Highly recommended.
Satoshi Kon's final film is not only one of his finest, but one of the most memorable pieces of anime ever produced, period.

Paprika Movie Review

Initially seen in theaters. Rewatched on Bluray home video release.

Alright finally convinced enough of my friends to go over and watch it with me. Let me tell you it is an awesome film. It is a Satoshi Kon work so it really cannot be described in words. While you can say that Perfect Blue is a movie about an aspiring actress a crazy stalker and her delusions. Then you could say that the Paranoia Agent is a mystery about ‘Lil Slugger and a series of Tokyo murders. Sure such statements don’t do the film or series credit but at least it’s a start. In all reality I do not know where to begin for Paprika 0.o;;

I guess like much of Kon’s work you can say that it deals with blurring of the lines between fantasy, reality, and dreams in contemporary Japan. If this movie is about anything then it is about dreams. A device is being researched to help therapists enter the dreams of their patience to help them. From there things get jaded and you are in for one hell of a ride. Its one thing after another and structurally it is amazing. The plot and storyline continuum literally folds into itself half a dozen times. Things make sense and don’t at the same time and it all falls together beautifully in the end. By the time your 90 minutes is up you have gone through one hell of a ride with ups, downs, twists, turns and inverts this film takes you all over the place.

In half the showtime of Pirates of the Carrabin 3 this Paprika delivered twice the fun and left me more satisfied after a movie than I ever remember being coming out of a theater. It might be an acquired taste but for any mature fan that likes anime and has liked any of Kon’s past works I think this just might surpass them all. Highly recommended!

I am glad I saw this in theaters. For I am immensely satisfied and nothing quite match the first time you see an amazing movie in a theater, not even that 50in plasma and nifty sound system in my living room. T’was amazing. Truly an amazing experience…

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