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I haven’t blogged since I was still in college and I used to run Engloids.Info and I couldn’t stop talking about singing robots. For the most part I moved to social media sharing my thoughts mostly on Twitter and Reddit. With both those platforms going to hell and a handbasket in [current year] I decided I wanted to reclaim my own corner of the web again.

Having owned since 2008 I never really used this domain for anything besides hosting various web services on it at one point. Now that I am 30+ years old I think I am old enough to be a sempai on the internet. I am not sure who would want to be my kouhai but I like to think I have my own areas of expertise and we can probably learn from one another in the comments.

I am using WordPress as it is what I am most familiar with but I will also be doing some experiments with Activity Pub and the fediverse.

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